Monday, June 1, 2009

V is for Visual

Once upon a time, in a life far, far, from this one...I was going to be a photographer.
I've had a camera since I was six and my grandmother bought me my first Mickey Mouse camera. After that, it was a camera every couple of years. I fell in love with polaroids, of course. Who didn't in the 70's? In college I lived vicarously through an artist lover who at the time, was also getting into photography. He inspired me to take photography more seriously. That summer, in my grandparents closet, I found an unused Brownie camera (never been opened) in its box. In that same closet I found a vintage Fujica, also never been used. Beautiful camera. I fell in love with it and started experimenting with what has come to be my typical use for the of shape and color. Sadly, one of my employers dropped that camera and broke it...But there have been a few more beauties...I still love my toy Holga camera, which I really need to dig out of the boxes in my closet.
(I realize the backstory to this post is quite long...Therefore, to be continued, because it needs to be.) Anyway, I've had a homecoming of sorts...My visual self is back, even though she frightens me a she gets super carried away by images and colors and wanting to devour film.
She runs way too fast for me, camera in hand, ideas sparking spontaneously through her lens...wanting to greedily devour everything and everyone she fancies!
Young, wild, and carefree girl...I've missed you!
Welcome home.
In attempt to tame this wild child, I've started a modest little book of whatever...ideas, colors, things I like. It's really just a collection of images, thought, and random bits.
I guess you could call it a diary, kinda. I have collected so many images that I love, I figured why not put them all in one meaningful place. It's very meditative, soothing, and is really helping me focus. I love gluing paper into this classically simple notebook. I do have plans to embellish it some, though.

Cub on the left and some forky inspiration on right. I've been saving those forks forever and I will do something with them...I'm thinking pen and ink sketches.
Thinking of two men in particular who hide in my dreams. Why?

Sorry for the white out of this photo. It does take away from the page.
Still love this font and photo.

Keeping myself inspired more and more...Feeling a bit stronger and more like myself each day.


Jojo said...

We all need an imagination book! I loved your comment about what blogging can do to you. I used to be normal but now I feel like I have a secret life. When I talk about my blogger "friends" my entire family corrects me with "you mean your imaginary friends." Everywhere I go I have a camera because you just don't know when you might see something you need to blog about.

It's great though and the people you meet are wonderful. I just can't imagine life without blogging.

J for Jendetta said...

So so awesome! I can feel the burst of creativity and vibrance!! I can't wait to see your journey continue to unfold!!