Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Lifestyle, New Stuff

Here is one of Cub's new washcloths. I have made a bunch for the two of us. They are so relaxing to make. I love just sitting on my couch, turning on the tunes or a movie and letting my fingers do all the work. I barely notice anymore. I love seeing the progress, too. This is as easy as could be...half double crochet stitch as long and wide as you please. That's it.
Cub's nana is having a birthday next week and I'm still waiting for the organic cotton yarn to arrive. I've been really good about sticking to the Handmade Pledge. I sure hope it gets here soon!
On the beauty front, I've been loving my mineral make-up for a couple of years now and have gone through a few brands. After doing my homework and lots more research on what is really in some of the best of 'em...(Just because they are mineral based does not mean they are pure!)
I sent away for the $5.00 sample pack from Fairie Organic and I am sooooo happy I did. Seriously, there are like four ingredients in them! And boy, do they make your skin glow and look pretty.
Safe, non-toxic beauty is where its at.


J for Jendetta said...

So so cool!! I think I need to get back with the crochet beast!! xoxo and amen!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thanks for visiting me a few days ago!Yes, you guessed right! That was Roosevelt Filed Shopping Mall! I was fascinated to read about the history of the land it was built on.

Your crochet is so neat and pretty.