Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Treats & Inspiration

My friend's beautiful daughter.
Taken after our "Stepping Up" celebration dinner.

I didn't take any photos yesterday...I just wanted to take it all in.

Highlights from a happy Sunday:

-Cub having good old fashioned summer fun with her neighbor friends. Playing "sprinkler" using the hose while the dads washed their cars. Everyone was soaked and laughing!

-A much needed nap on the couch while Mama chrocheted some new "tasty treats".

-We missed the Latin Jazz concert in the park...but that was okay because we had the best late afternoon picnic in my friend, A's beautiful backyard. It borders this amazing place.

-Afterwards, the party moved to the front yard with neighbors, lots of children, guinea pigs being brought outside, dress-up clothes everywhere and several fashion shows. There was wine and beer for the grown-ups! Ice cream and some very special cookies.

UNEXPECTED INSPIRATION-Before meeting Pat, I was in awe of her and her story. A's hubby told me that out of everyone in the neighborhood, she has the most lush garden filled with every kind of produce imagineable. As if that weren't enviable enough, he revealed that she gave up her career as a successful architect and started her own cookie baking business from home. I LOVE this type of story and have always seen something like this for myself. A home-spun business is one of my dreams for the future.

When Pat joined the get together, I was lucky enough to be able to talk to her at length about how she started her business. Funny, how our young children propel us into unexpected creative directions! I asked her so many questions, but she was patient and honest. I mean, I was just fascinated with her! She is an incredibly smart and resourceful woman. Not to mention generous. Her cookies are absolutely delicious and HEALTHY, too. Pure genius.

Stories like Pat's prove if you want it to happen, it can and will be done!

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