Saturday, June 6, 2009

Things Are Looking Up!

1. Unexpected early am visit from Daddy today. Lots of cuddles for Cub.
2. The beautiful Elizabeth arrives at 10am for her once every three week visit to make the house beautiful. (Too bad I can't afford more.)
3. Shopping for the perfect birthday gifts for my dearest grandmother who turned 94 yesterday. (God bless her!) ...A Chaus sweater in one of her best Plus saltwater taffy and other candy faves.
4. A new pair of stylin' sandals for Cub and the coolest, kitschiest, apron for me. Yellow with red strawberries, pink rick-rack trim...Pure deliciousness and totally unexpected.
Can't forget the Laura Ashley nightie, either. Sweet summer dreams...
5. Movie date with our pal Diane to see Up. Since I'm not great with movie reviews, I'll keep it short and simple. We loved it. It was one of the sweetest films I've seen in a long time.
In my opinion, the first 15 minutes are pure heart magic. I cried and so did the little girls. What a great reminder to never forget the spirit of adventure.
6. One heckuva bbq in Mary's adorable backyard. It's like a wonderland back there; complete with veggie, flower, and herb gardens, swing set and slide, little shed dubbed, "Margharitaville," but the kids have claimed it as their own mini playhouse. And best of all, the tallest, most amazing maple tree I've ever seen that forms a canopy above 3/4 of the yard and makes it so cozy and comfortable on warm nights. We could stay back there all summer and we often do!
7. Best of all, I was able to eat Mary's amazing macaroni salad (yup!) and even had half a glass of sangria as only she can make it...and boy, was it good!
I think between the hypoallergenic probiotics and the epsom/hydrogen peroxide/baking soda detox soaks I've been doing, I'm slowly getting back on track. Last night I did some yoga and tomorrow I'm planing on pilates before a visit to Grandma's. Lots of reading, praying, and studying have also helped immensely. Thank you, heavenly Spirit for the blessings of joy and renewal you bestow upon me each day!
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

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J for Jendetta said...

what an awesome weekend! : ) sending love.