Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things that are filling me with the spirit of autumn happiness:

This lovely Martha Stewart garland I purchased in August. Gasp!

This picture I took of my girl sportin' my brooch a few weeks ago!

Every Little Thing's Applesauce Recipe

Katie's autumn spirit and decorations

Amanda's loveliness and the Molasses Pumpkin Pie she baked today!

The Willis version of this song.

This has been a week and then some. I'm pretty sure I'm heading to Bear Mountain this weekend for a little Oktoberfest action. The drive towards the mountains should be healing and invigorating for all of us. I'm hijacking my friend Arlene, and of course Cub will be co-piloting from her car seat!
Wishing everyone love and happiness during this transition into a new season.

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MySweetThree said...

That garland is beautiful! And that brooch is too sweet...

I wanted to tell you some I have been nowhere able to sit down and write about it...We are moving! Back to Texas! Don't know when, yet, more details to come this week.

Reading your post did make me a wee bit sad though...about autumn, the yummy I feel that we will be so busy for the next couple of months...that by the time this whirlwind passes...will we have missed autumn? Oh dear, I hope not! I will have, HAVE to remember to take time and smell the autumn...and autumn has a wonderful smell, doesn't it? ((Hugs)) !! I hope your weekend has been are going to the mountains if I rememberd correctly, right?? With cub co-piloting from her carseat? tell!