Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wierd but good

Lately, Saturdays have been a little "off" for us, but not necessarily unpleasant. Kinda like this photo. I shot the balloons as I walked through the parking lot to TJ Maxx. The beeper ticket thing was left on a shirt I purchased this summer. Bummer. I had to go back and try to prove to the folks there that I really didn't steal the shirt. Yes, there is a security
tag attached, I don't have a receipt, and I ripped the tag off, too. It looks like a duck, but I promise it's not!!
They believed me, so that was good.
Tonight, I also ventured into "wierd but good" cracker baking process. I had a recipe from the Moosewood Cookbook for Sesame Crackers. It sounded easy and tasty. I took too many liberties with the recipe, however. Instead of the wheat flours, I went for a gluten-free blend and millet flour. Instead of yogurt, I used the sour cream that was in the fridge and then...the "biggie." I got a little happy in TJ's specialty food section, and bought a gorgeous little bottle of Nigella seeds. Ahh...Should have been just right but not a great stand-in with their sour oregano taste. Cub and her grandparents loved 'em and gobbled them up with the most sublime goat cheese that was brought home from the market today. There is this little booth with the nicest people and they make goat cheese from the milk of their sweet little goats.
The crackers grew on me after a while and were pretty good with the cheese, but next time I'll be less adventurous with my crackers.
Tomorrow I'm making Curried Cauliflower soup and I've bought a special Sri Lankan curry to try out. It smelled so good, I actually thought about making a Curry-Lime scented soap.
I just realized that could be wierd but good, too!
Other than that news, the sewing machine arrived yesterday and I stayed up way past my bedtime reading the manual. I just need to get a spool of good thread and a zipper to start that juice bag pouch. I've also been researching eco-friendly grocery totes to make for our shopping trips.
I can't believe I'm still receiving plastic bags into my life. Not good. I'm searching for the simplest pattern and then I'll buy some funky vintage sheets for the fabric and just blast 'em out!
I would feel so much better if I could stop with those bags, really.

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MySweetThree said...

You are a brave, girl, really. I think I would have been too timid to walk in and hand them a shirt with the security tag still attached..It is sort of when I am driving in front of a policeman, I think I am going to get pulled over, even though I am doing nothing wrong, ha ha!
I wish I had your way regarding cooking...I am too chicken to not follow the directions exactly as stated...although, I am starting to just eyeball it, when a teaspoon or tablespoon of something is needed...instead of dragging out the measuring cups, which is a huge step forward for me.
Perhaps you should change "leave a comment" to "leave a paragraph" I just can't help myself!!