Thursday, September 18, 2008

On The Way!

I was a bit disappointed when I received the message from Target that my machine delivery was delayed. When I checked this evening, I saw that it was shipped yesterday. Hooray!

I've been thinking about a pouch like this for a few years now. Yes, I think about mundane things like this! I guess I'll let my "teacher" show when I tell you that I get excited about pencil cases, pencils, and erasers, too! Hee, hee...It's true!
My daughter drinks at least one of these a day. I pack one in her lunch box and maybe she'll have another in the evening. So, there is noooooo shortage of this particular material in our house.
I think I'm going for a pencil case and then a Kool-Aid make-up case or change purse.
I'll keep you posted. I can't wait to play!

1 comment:

MySweetThree said...

It feels good to be back... :)

I know what you mean about pencil cases..I have a distinct love for them, and you know I am not a teacher, lol..I can remember as a child, getting my notebooks, folders, and schoolbag ready before each school year. My mother taking me to pick out all of the accessories...I LOVED that time of year (geek alert, ha ha) Do post pictures of your beautiful new sewing machine when you get it!! And all of your projects thereafter...I am telling you, I think I will be jumping on the sewing train!