Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not Together For A Reason

Today was not a great day. It's my daughter's father's birthday, too. That's not the bad part, really. Although, it did mean him coming over before I went to work so that he could spend the day with her. Unfortunately, but in typical fashion, we had a disagreement about the usual issues. I'll spare you all the details.
Later this evening, there was a gathering of family and friends to celebrate his birthday. I wasn't going to go, but I figured, since I was taking my daughter anyway, and for the sake of peaceful relations for all parties involved, I'd go with good intentions.
The dinner picnic was at our favorite beach. These photos look light, but it was around 6pm and getting dark, windy, and cold. It was fun being the only ones up on the hill, overlooking the water in the autumn air. Beautiful, actually.
My apologies for my yucky nails. I really should learn to crop my photos, huh?
Anyway, it's been a while since we bought each other anything, but I felt instead of giving him a card, I'd make him something on a little canvas board I had. The paper behind the house is part of the plans for Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome. We are both huge fans of Bucky. He just went to see his show at the Whitney last week. When we first started dating we obsessed on his work, his life, books, movies, etc. He was a true humanist, a real visionary, a devoted and tireless teacher. I could go on and on.
The words above the house are from a Talking Heads song that he
recently told me he had discovered and couldn't get out of his head. He appreciates David Byrne's philosophy and message in the lyrics of the song "Don't Worry About the Government."
I put this together because, although we are no longer a couple, we still share our beautiful child and we still, interestingly enough, share many similar life visions.
Tonight, after cake had been eaten, my daugher went over and sat on her Daddy's lap. We were all starting to pack-up, it was getting so cold. Everyone was talking at once when she said, "Mama, Daddy ripped your card-up today." I guess I looked surpised and perplexed, and so she added, "the card you gave him this morning. He ripped it up when you went to work."
And therefore, the title of this post.
Thanks for letting me vent, this evening.
Tomorrow will be a better day.


MySweetThree said...

Oh. sweetie. I hope tomorrow (today) is a better day for you. My mouth dropped open when I read this. I don't understand why...such a sweet and thoughtful card..why? The title of your post says it all, right? It just makes me sad though. I just think you are lovely. ((hugs))

karmabutton said...

whoa...just wrong. xo.

Renee said...

A hug for you!