Friday, September 5, 2008

Views Around The House

I apologize in advance for the choppy style and randomness of my writing this evening. I'm half asleep, but fighting it so I can do some things I enjoy before retiring for the evening. It's been a long and exhausting week. Cub and I have both had a hard time adjusting to our new schedules. There was crying off and on all week, for both of us! I'm so thankful it's the weekend. The above shot was taken through my bedroom window. It's the view that sold me on our apartment, along with the hardwood floors and the strange sort of "park"/woods/hill across the street. The fact that I can see the bridge gives me a sense of ease; just to think that most of my friends and all of my family are just "over yonder."
All I've got to do is cross that bridge.
Sometimes I don't know if I'll ever get used to living here.

I've had this thing for hanging dresses on my wall since I was a kid. When I was six, I remember my mother giving me this beautiful pink, frilly, floor length dress. Long dresses were in then (1970's) and I remember often wearing them to school. I tried to hang the pink one on the wall 'cuz it was so pretty. These are two of my favorite dresses from when she was 2. She wore them at 3, too. The yellow one was scored at a local thrift shop. I should have taken a detail of that applique and embroidery work. The white dress was a gift from my uncle. It was handmade (not by my uncle) and purchased while he was on a vacation in Rome.

Just for fun I wanted to share some of Cub's favorite kitchen toys. This is all connected to my obsession with not throwing anything away, if you haven't already noticed. Often, when we have finished something in my kitchen, it is retired to her kitchen. She just loves it.

I don't know if and when I will ever get the chance to make something again. Those paper beads are calling out to me, but I have no energy. Instead, I made our favorite homemade toothpaste and re-filled my pretty Martha Stewart lotion dispenser with my homemade "lotion." It's just coconut oil purchased at Western Beef, a local supermarket. Then I add two drops of cinnamon oil and three drops of sweet orange essential oil. It is wonderfully silky and is so much better than putting a chemical cocktail all over your bod. This would make a great massage oil, too. I made another batch of all purpose cleaner: water, Dr. Bronner's soap, a couple of teaspoons of baking soda, and some tea tree oil. At least I feel a bit productive.
This week, I wanted to post about the veggie pancakes I made, but I had too many lessons to plan. They were a hit with Cub, though. I think I'm on to something here and wanted to share. Maybe tomorrow. I have Barbecue Chicken Pizza on the brain after seeing one of the most recent recipes posted over at The Splendid Table. That will definitely be made this week. Sounds so easy and good.
I promised her we would do something special together this weekend so it's off to the carousel for a picnic tomorrow afternoon. I'm praying for rain tonight. This hot and steamy weather has been torture in a school building with 3500 students and no air conditioning.
Oh, and how cool are these brownies?


MySweetThree said...

First off, your view is amazing. Personally, I have alway had a love of bridges, in fact I remember some trips in the car when I was little..going over the Tappan Zee bridge was always a highlight. I am in awe with your view..And yes, knowing that your family and friends are just beyond the bridge gives it that much more meaning..
Those dresses are so sweet and it makes me wonder why I have mine from when I was little, hanging in my daughters closet...where they are never seen...
I could go on and on...but I will hold myself back..

karmabutton said...

i love you!