Friday, September 19, 2008


The sun light gave me a beautiful kiss on the cheek this morning as I awoke to start my day.
I picked up my camera and took many different views of the sunrise outside a couple of our windows. This one was taken from my room. I hope it does not hurt your eyes.

And off in another reality somewhere...
This is a brilliant movie and I really need to watch it again. I post this because I had the dream about him again last night. There is a person I know, (not that well) who has been appearing in my dreams fairly regularly. I do not know why, but they feel very real, as if we have actually spent time together...Nothing inappropriate, mind you. These dreams are beginning to haunt me, not in a bad way...They are just there and when I wake-up, I always feel a bit sad.
I love this image they used for the film.

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MySweetThree said... you keep a dream journal? If not, perhaps now is the time.. Let's try to figure out what this dream may be telling you, hmmm? I have so many dream books..they are up in the attic, I would love to pour over them one day soon, this post makes me miss them. And what a sweet kiss on the cheek by the sun! beautiful!