Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ladies Who Lunch

We got to have lunch today with one of our favorite girls, Aunt Julie. The weather cooperated nicely with a clear, blue, sunny sky and low humidity...finally! An appointment I had this morning brought us to the West Village. So, we kept it in that 'hood for a nice change of pace. (For the record, we are East Village girls!) We had a healthful and relaxing lunch at Village Natural which is a favorite restaurant of ours. It is vegetarian with Asian influences, which I always find to be a pretty nice combo. (Think Zen Palate, another great one on Union Square.) There are so many fresh and healthy culinary options in NYC. That is one of the things I miss living over here in SI. I don't think there is one vegetarian restaurant. Shame on you, Staten Island!
A few other favorite haunts that I miss terribly, but re-visited today were Tasty D Lite and Ricky's. I kept myself under control in Ricky's which is pretty hard. It has all the things I go ga-ga for: beauty supplies, kitsch gifts, fancy bath soaps, hair products of every kind, the funkiest make-up, wigs, and hair dye, hats, scarves, magnets, jewelry, a collection of cat-eye reading glasses, and in some stores "naughty" toys (gasp)! Basically, it's girly/drag queen heaven!
My purchase consisted of Burts Bees Insect Repellant which I can't find anywhere on SI (damn borough), Ricky's brand tweezers (excellent) and the cutest pair of barettes I've seen in a long time--sky blue vintage-y vinyl clips with a little plastic charm off center. Simple but darling. I tried on emerald green sparkly eye shadow and almost broke down, but I reminded myself I have a collection of sparkly make-up I don't where anymore stuffed in a shoe box underneath my bathroom sink!
After kissing Julie g'bye, we made our way back to the Christopher Street station...and then I found the deal of the century. This adorable little number complete with watermelons and polka-dots is now mine and all I had to do was fork over a whopping $3.00!

Yes, today was a good day.


Audrey said...

The purse (is it a purse) is just adorable. I love when I find good finds like that. We love garage sales and used book stores and... we just love to shop :)

DarkerShadeOfLight said...

That purse really is adorable! (must agree with the post before me) Hey, is aunt julia the one tha I met that one time. The one with the hair that I fell in love with lol. If it is her, how's she doing? Sounds like ya had a pretty good time out there. Oh hey, before I forget about the picture with the quote you asked me about. I found it on you can click on any of the varous catagories or if you have something specific in mind you can just type it in the search box. Like when I went to go look for the one thats on my last post, I just typed "life is strange" and that came up amungst others. Cool stuff. Well I suppose we will be talking to eachother in the next couple days so until then. Take care. Never goodbye it's I'll see you later!

karmabutton said...

cute cute cute