Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Love Friday Night!

Every friday night at 11pm to be exact, I have a date with this man. Dr. Who, you are my kinda guy...super cute, super intelligent, and extra goofy! Sigh.

I was feeling particularly energized after my date with the Doctor this evening, so I channel surfed a bit and found a VH1 "list" show...The 40 Best Heavy Metal Songs. I watched it so I could get a hearty belly laugh before I turned in. It wasn't long however, before I found myself drawn in by the surprisingly intelligent commentary and factoids about the musicians.
Most of the bands they highlighted on the show were 80's metal bands. The eighties were just an awesome decade for music and I lived and breathed it all, really.
My tastes have always been super ecclectic and during that time, there was just so much musical diversity. It was great. Some of my best (musical) crossover experiences included going to many a heavy metal show with my brother and friends. Those shows rocked and I am so happy I got to see these bands in their creative and physical prime: Rush, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Metallica, Dio, and Iron Maiden, thanks for doing your thang and for all the good times I had at your shows!
Former opera singer, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden

I love it, right now the boys that live next door and their friends are having a peaceful little pow-wow outside on the grass in front of our building...sitting in a circle, smoking cigarettes, and just talking. Ah, sweet youth...Good times.


DarkerShadeOfLight said...

I almost envy you lol! I love many of the bands and such that you mentioned of seeing in concert! I would have loved to be a teenager back then in the 80's to see them.

Anna said...

Oh, man, I love the Doctor too! David Tenant is so fabulous. I need to start watching it again like I did last season.

I'm not so much into the heavy metal, but I hear you :)