Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ready to Create

I have collected vintage children books for a while now. I will buy the non-vintage variety (used) if the art is unusual or exceptionally appealing. Over the past few days I've been quite lucky with my finds. Here is a bad photo of some of the goods. I'm too tired and lazy to try for a better flick, sorry. The Growing Story by Ruth Krauss is a total score. This is a first printing 1947 edition. Big smiles all around! She wrote two of our favorite books, The Carrot Seed and Harold and the Purple Crayon.
I Live in Tokyo is not vintage. I found it on the library sale cart for 10 cents and couldn't resist. This one evokes the enchantment of daily life in Tokyo with exquisitely detailed illustrations and descriptions.

In the bottom right hand corner is a (piece of) this lovely vintage pillow case found at The Salvation Army. I will use this to practice making some more birdies this evening.
I've noticed that when I tell people on Staten Island that I bought this or that at The Salvation Army there are some wierd looks or just silence. I guess some people don't get it. There are basically no thrift shops here on the island. There was an excellent one, but it closed last year. I know of one little hidden gem and then the rest of my thrifting needs get satisfied at good old "Sal's Boutique," as we called it in college.

This book was originally published in 1956 and you can totally tell by the lovely drawings. This magic was also purchased for 10 cents at the local library sale.

I have some high hopes for creating goodies for my etsy shop with these, but the more I look at them, the more I fall in love with them. How the heck can I take a scissor to all this goodness?
Ugh. What to do?

The above illustration makes my heart sing. It is so adorable. Again, apologize for the bad photo. It's from the Ruth Krauss book.

Girl Land Sara, if you're reading this...I thought of you when I found this one. It was printed in Japan and published by Playmore, Inc. I've coveted all of those great vintage 3D books you are lucky enough to find in Detroit for way toooooo long. Now I've got my own. Hee, hee. I adored these as a child and had all but forgotten them. Until I found your lovely shop.

Now I am off to finally bake that chocolate zucchini cake I have been talking about for way too long. Hopefully, tonight there will be some serious crafting happening here. Hope everyone is enjoying the day.


karmabutton said...

van duzer area has about five places! last SI thrift run i got a cute little vintage owl, and two awesome vintage children's books. last time i went to salvation army i got tons of cool cookie cutters and a chicken wire basket for about 7 dollars. lots to share! we NEED to get together!

JoJo said...

I have adored Tasha Tudor's works for so long. How lucky you were to find a copy of her works, particularly since she just passed away. Good luck with your creations!