Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sad Day/Glad Day

Sad Day- Ratatat is playing live tonight at The Music Hall in Williamsburg and it sold out before I could get a ticket! I loooooove this band. Not only did they record their newest album in a vacant upstate New York mansion...They mix harpsichord and wurlitzer, sleigh bells, and cello into their unique blend of sci-fi, hip-hop, synthie electronic (if that makes any sense)! Oh, yeah...and lots of electric guitar mixed in. If you want to see something that I think is pretty cool, check them out playing the Guggenheim Museum in NYC (youtube, of course.) Listening to their music makes me nostalgically happy, not getting to experience their sounds live...extremely sad.

Glad Day: Working out in the gym this morning, taking my healthy breakfast to a local park and eating, relaxing, and reading the first forty pages of Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. I can already tell what I love about this book are all the things I loved about My Antonia. The prose are stunningly down to earth, the portrait of the land and its people (Native American in this story) gets me in the gut, for lack of a better term.
On Deck For The Duration: Dinner with Arlene and finally trying out homemade whole grain flour tortillas while blasting Ratatat. Sorry, in advance to Girl Cub and neighbors! Possibly, a Canolli ice in there somewhere after trips to the beach and health food store.


karmabutton said...

Aw Cyndy, I love that venue! Now I definitely have to listen to this band! Love it! I am so glad you had a peaceful day of reading! It's funny how mercurial life can be. I went from calm, to creative, to melancholy, to happy, to nightmares, to forlorn, to pensive yet calm again. I deeply admire that you are so creative, contemplative, and real WHILE being a mom. No matter what goes down, little lady is lucky to have you.

DarkerShadeOfLight said...

Had a great day yesterday! more than likely going to blog about it a bit later. Still trying to zone into writing a new poem. I was looking forward to tomorrow but I just realized I have an appointmet at 3:45 which basically ruins most of my day or planning. =( Guess thats why there's always rainchecks right?