Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Under the Weather

I guess all the summer time fun we've been having lately finally has us pooped.
This lingering heat wave hasn't helped. We were really good soldiers in the beginning, too. After spending under an hour at the gym, we stayed in the rest of the day. Playing, cleaning, napping, and indulging in one of our favorite things to do.
Long live Play Doh!

Even better...Scented Play Doh. Oh, my. You haven't lived until you've sniffed the Rose scent. Pure Heaven.

And a random question...Why have neighbors on three sides of our building let their pools turn green? Just wondering.


DarkerShadeOfLight said...

Hey, a nice day in when your pooped can feel like a reward sometimes. Looks like you both had a good time with the playdoh. That question is a great one about the pools considering the heat we've had the past few days. I've seen pools gone green before but tha one picture was the uckiest I've seen.

Holly said...

Maybe their husbands aren't keeping them up like they promised and their wives are too busy trying to take care of her newborn/1 year old/two year old to do it herself. Or they're too poor to get the chemicals needed. To treat that kind of algae would cost about $80 at least. I'm totally not speaking from experience :-) At least my pool is clear for now!