Friday, July 25, 2008

Made by Cub and her Mama

"The sun made it up and the sun rang a little bell, just a little so all his friends could come." (This sun drawing is on the second page...Sorry.)

"Good morning, flowers. Did you have a nice sleep last night?"

I had a crafting hang-over this morning. Stayed up way past my bedtime turning paper bags into little books. So at the start of this very slow morning, I began folding up a piece of paper into a little accordion. Nothing serious. Just messing around while she colored on the floor. Something to keep my hands busy. "Mama lets make a book together." And here is what we came up with.
Words by her.
Drawings by us.


lissilulu said...

Hi! I followed you from my blog.
What a creative daughter you have.
I have been thinking of making up some ready made books for my kids then I come across all of the notebooks that they already have in progress. LOL!

DarkerShadeOfLight said...

That is so awesome! I remember having to do that when I was in school.

karmabutton said...

simply wonderful! she really is a special kid! once i upload all of the pics i will e-mail them to you! got some great shots! had such a nice time with the two of you! would love to get together for some sewing! what kind if cheese was that again?