Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's Inside Your Car?

No, this is not my car, but I wish it was! My father's parents had one when I was growing up, except it was light blue. Does that count? Anyway, to avoid another food post I was moved to create my own meme about the inside of our cars and what the contents reveals about us. So, here it goes. If anyone who reads this wants to participate, feel free. Otherwise, thanks for putting up with today's shenanigans.
1.What color is the interior of your car? Boring beige with dirt stains.
2. What cd is currently in your cd player? Best of Astrud Gilberto
3. Any evidence of recent (or not so) food or drink? Large DD Latte Lite plastic cup w/straw and a large Subway cup half filled with fountain Arnold Palmer made by me.
4. What is currently in the back of your car? Car Seat, box of tissues, small stuffed bears, overdue library books and dvd, girl cub's ball, Indian hippie sheet from afternoon picnic, various cds and empty jewel cases, a plastic bag for her car sick yuckies, unopened babywipes, roll of paper towels stuffed under passenger seat.
5. Anything up front? cds all over, a gold metallic purse (a temporary moment of shopping insanity after a day spent at the Hamptons outlets) in its plastic Payless bag that I really need to return!
6. Glove Box? car owners manual, pencils, packages of ketchup, napkins, (omg)feminine hygiene product.
7. Ok, come clean with the rest...The entire contents of my wallet sans money and important plastic, old memos from job used as scratch paper, a powder compact, and a religious magazine...don't ask! All stuffed inside a comparment along driver-side door.

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