Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's a Slow Cooker Day...

Was it watching all the fireworks in the rain? All of those margaritas? Or maybe it's because girl cub didn't go to bed until almost midnight last night. Whatever the reason, "I can't find myself today," as my grandmother used to say almost daily! I feel like every bone in my body aches with exhaustion. Could be the weather too, I suppose. That is precisely why this morning I loaded up my handy-dandy crock-pot with all the fixin's for Split Pea Veggie Soup:
I make only a small batch, otherwise it sits in the fridge and turns to sludge. Ew.
1 cup dry split peas
4 cups water and/or vegetable broth
however many carrots diced small
1/2 sweet vadalia onion
1 clove garlic chopped fine
1/2 parsnip small dice (cuz it needed to be used)
Otherwise, use potato
1 Bay Leaf
Salt, Pepper, Cumin, Thyme, Parsley, and a pinch of Chili Powder - All to taste
Put it all in the slow cooker on high for two hours. When the peas are mushy and everything has combined nicely to look like split pea soup, you'll know it's done. At this point, I added a few large handfuls of delicious SPINACH from last week's market trip and let it wilt...Delicious.
***Now I ask myself, "Is this possibly turning into a food blog?" Hmf.
*** Today's Farmer's Market Booty Included: Beets (can't resist), Arugula (HUGE. So excited!), Big Bunch O'Carrots, Gold Apples, and a handful of White Cherries that cost $4.00! Yes, you heard correctly. I don't think I'll be shopping at that fruit stand again. Sheesh!

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DarkerShadeOfLight said...

Even though it was just a "question to self" type thing, the whole idea of a food blog sounds pretty awesome. Plus, that spit pea soup souds really good! Gotta run.