Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Letter to Her

Dear Girl Cub,

You are the most patient little daughter a mama could ask for.
Thank-you for putting up with all of my wild antics and schemes on a fairly regular basis.

While we were supposed to be getting ready for bed tonight, Mama took off to the bathroom to cut her hair and then streak it, too. "Wow, Mama!" is all you said when you entered the bathroom to brush your teeth. You gave me a wide smile while raising your eyebrows in that amused look of surprise I so often see on your innocent face.

Thank you for all of the worlds you create in our little home, while Mama tears the house apart with paper, books, hot glue guns, more paper, fabric, irons, needles, pots, pans, spoons, and whatever else catches her fancy.

When you grow-up, I hope you will remember these days with that same smile on your face.

Love You Forever,
Your Silly Mama

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karmabutton said...

love the balance blog!! love little cub!