Thursday, July 3, 2008


My girls and their girls went to a local beach yesterday. Girl cub didn't enjoy the sprinklers, sand, or any of the "rides" as she described the playground toys. But she did enjoy about an hour of bubble blowing.We all enjoyed ice-cream...Actually it was frozen yogurt for this group of mamas and hatchlings.

This cool blue wall served as a backdrop for many funny portrait combos of our girls-
And of course, a healthy dose of nose-picking.

J and I are so lucky to have met a group of women right here in our own neighborhood. We are all within a year of each other, live within a few blocks of each other, and all have daughters, too. Patrizia, Winter, G, and H-We love you.

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DarkerShadeOfLight said...

Hey girl! Just lil miss me Arlene. Had to stop by to link to ya. Didn't quite figure out how to yet but I think I'll catch on. Love the random picture you had taken. Sounds like ya had a real blast. =D
Well Talk to ya soon!