Thursday, January 1, 2009

My 2009 "To Craft" List

Happy 2009, Everyone. The new year is here and I've opened our door to let the cold air in and welcome it with open arms! Ours was a quiet New Year's Eve. A small gathering with music, dancing, and munchies in Pops' old room--It felt nice to hang-out in his space, look at photos and celebrate his life together. Then it was home to put Cub to bed by 11pm, which is reeeeeeeeally late for her. Daddy went home to sleep and I brought in the New Year quietly by myself...which was a first for me, but was exactly how I wanted it. I finally brought in the year with prayer, which is something I've always wanted to do. Today, we are off to see my family in Long Island. I can't wait...We get to have another Christmas, too!

When this vacation began, I thought I was going to have a lot of time to tackle this list, or at least some of it...But that didn't happen and it's okay. That just means I have a lot of crafting to look forward to in the coming year!

1. DIY Headbands! I've been a fan of headbands all my life. Love 'em! I just draw the line at putting them on infants. Ouchie on their new little heads! Now I can make my own. I'm thinking this fabric and this one, too...would be very nice.

2. Embroidery! I have had this one bookmarked forever. And I have gone back to it again and again. I think it's time to buy one of these adorable kits or books and get down to business. I only question whether or not I actually have the patience for this!

3. Bottle Cap Jewelry- A love for the quick, easy, and quirky make these completely appealing to me. I can have a new necklace in a less than a half hour! But I'm thinking charm bracelet for this one!

4. Paint Chip projects- Again, quick and easy. Cute, too! I think I'll make a trip to Home Depot tomorrow and start playing.

5. These super-cool art journals by Maquette (LUV her). So much potential for using up fabric
scraps here, too.

6. Collage Blocks - Could be a fun way to start using up my paper scraps. I love the combo of childhood (creativity) reference and potential for design here.

7. Fruit Butters made in the slow-cooker! Our home will smell divine!

8. Marshmallows - Never got around to making these...So, now I'm aiming for Valentine's Day.

9. Macarons! Nothing more needs to be said here.

10. This pom-pom garland needs to live in my room and hang over the large picture window in my bedroom! I love color and a sense of whimsy in places that are typically considered the bathroom and bedroom. I'm with the Euro's on this one!

11. The Black Apple dollie! I'll probably never be lucky enough to grab-up one of Emily's doll's, so I'll make my own. I downloaded the pattern during the holidays. Ha! Wishful thinking, right?

12. Needlebooks - These would make cute gifts. Who couldn't use a mini-mending kit?

15. Stunning Canvas Photos- Hip and creative...Will definitely gift some of these in the upcoming year.
And this is just the beginning...There are so many more!

Oh, and my word of the year...It was hard to pick just one from such a comprehensive list...but "accept" called out to me the loudest, so I'm going to stick with that one and I know in my heart, that word has a lot to teach me.

Blessings for a creative and happy day and year!


J for Jendetta said...

SO AMAZING!!! I adore you and admire you so much Cyndy, if you weren't allergic to cats I would want to keep you here with me!!

MySweetThree said...

I am drooling over that list...and how confusing was it for me that you changed your blog name...tell me this was a recent change or has my head been in the clouds???!! I was trying to see your most recent blog post from my "dashboard" and when I was click on cyndyava, I would fet "Heloptrope Tree House" and I kept refreshing....refreshing..."BOBBY!!! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER!!!" lol...
It was a late night...I stayed up until 12:15am! Anyway, it sounds like you had a reflective, peaceful, and all around lovely New Years..and I am glad for you. I really mean it when I say that I wish you all the best in 2009..and I hope you knock that craft list out! =)