Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My girl finally got the chance to make those snow angels she has wanted to make since last winter! On Sunday morning, just as we were settling into breakfast, we heard our neighbors and good buddies F and A outside helping their papi shovel the driveway...We dropped everything, threw our jeans over our pj's and joined in the fun. It was a great way to start our day. Later, we joined some other pals for lunch and a movie. The theatre that was playing Tale of Despereaux didn't have any heat, so we saw Bolt in 3D, instead. It was cute, but pretty long (I got to take a nap, yay!), and to my surprise, I cried twice. Of course, I thought the female lead looked like my sweet girl, even though she was an animated character!

Last night, Cub announced that we were having Smores for dessert. We topped grahams with mini-marshies and chips and warmed them up in the toaster oven. The best part was mushing the two pieces together with all the melties inside!
The smores inspired me to finally make the Velvet Five Minute Fudge I've been thinking about making for the past few days. I happily ran into a case of this wonderful brand of evaporated milk in a dollar store of all places! It may sound strange, but I've always been "enthusiastic" about evaporated and condensed milk...I store a lot of my craft supplies in the cans that I save. They are (usually) sweet and pretty. They kinda remind me of another time and place...probably my childhood. Recipe soon to come. After all that chocolate, I was ready for some mindless craft...I grabbed two little perler bead kits that I bought over the holidays for $1.00 at Michael's...but to my surprise, Cub's daddy reeeeally got into them...and that was just fine with me. I dipped into a button stash box and made some button bookmarks. Fun. Easy. Useful. That's what I'm about these days.
And I finally cut out the pattern and fabric pieces for The Black Apple dollie. I'll share my progress shortly.


J for Jendetta said...

That fudge was AMAZING!! Missed you this afternoon, hope everything is ok! Love the snow-angel picture! That is one of the only things I like about snow!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Hello my blog friend! I thought of you when I saw this blog post about the top 100 tutorials of 2008 I think you will find many things you like. Check it out! and let us know what you make! You are well? pop in to say hi!
xo susan