Monday, January 26, 2009

She Has Caught The Bug...

The crafty-bug, that is!!!
Maybe it was the stocking full of crafts and two crafting-kits she received for the holidays.
Or maybe it was all the "let's make wrapping paper and birthday cards for all of the parties coming up." It probably has more to do with being dragged through Michael's on a regular basis since she was born...But my Girl is on a roll! Now when we go to Michael's, it's shopping for two. Hmmm. I'm afraid I may have created a monster!!! But it's so great to have someone to create and play with. She's such a fun crafting partner.
She picked-out the frame. I helped her with the details.
This was a great project. Perfect for a little one. We painted the frame together and then I put all sorts of foamies, glitter, stickers, cut-up ribbon...even candy hearts- into little bowls and she did the rest....Okay, I added a couple here and there. This is in the early stages. It's actually jam- packed with gaudy-loveliness, but my battery went, so a final shot tomorrow.

Sometimes, I catch myself day-dreaming about the future. Our future. I can't help it...Someday, just maybe...We'll work side-by-side making things for our very own little shop.
Mama's girl.


MySweetThree said...

Aaaw...Mommy and baby opening a store together!! I love it! What a can happen one day, right? And I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

I must admit, you did give me a scare with the title..oh, no, don't let her be sick..didn't our girls just get over a bug? lol

But, no, this is the Good kind of bug..

That frame is let us see the finished product.

I love the picture in the baby carrier...I have soo so many of those..Me and Allison spent may hours walking around the neighborhood like that. What special memories.

Jojo said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to have a mom and daughter shop? That is something to add to your prayer list!!! Blessings and may your wish come true.