Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happiness is...(Part II)

Unique, affordable, fashion.
1. I think these colorful yarn bracelets made by easternsky are the perfect complement for wintery sweaters.

2. Finding and falling in love with the aesthetic of Kim White late last night, when I really should have been sleeping. I have a hard time with handbags in general, but I'm loving her originalilty and designs. Get this...she uses vintage automotive fabrics. Cool.

3. Thanks to the beautiful Katie, I am on my way to stitching-up my very own pair of shoes!!!!! Simple. And very exciting. So elf-like and cute, too.
Off to a day that started out way too early for me...a day filled with two birthday parties, last minute shopping for two birthday gifts, and hopefully lots of coffee and fun!


MySweetThree said...

I love those bracelets...but it doesn't seem I have a need for wintery sweaters! =(

You will have to share those shoes with cool is that!

Candy-Faith said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment to my blog :)

The stitch I used on my felt scissors case was an oversewing/overcasting stitch (I think. As I never really learned how to sew or been taught the different types of stitches. I just basically look at things and figure it out on my own LOL)

And the stitch I used to make the names on the hearts is a backstitch.

:) Candy

Jojo said...

I love the no-cal sweets but the idea of making your own shoes sounds like fun! I have noticed a brand of shoe on the Sears website called Fly Flot. Several of the designs look like they could easily be duplicated at home and a few of the shoes have embroideries. Here is one that looks easy to make at home.

If you decide to make valentine cookies and want to bake instead of stitch, I have a wonderful buttercream sandwich cookie you might like to try.

Kat said...

Those bracelets are very cool and with all the snow we have been wearing lots of sweaters and they would be the perfect match.