Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've wanted to share so much since the weekend and was all ready for a super-long post filled with fun. Unfortunately, Cub is sick again. This time with a cough, one of those deep, wet-sounding, rattlers. Ugh. I am afraid that it may be a long night and I'm feeling tired already.
This weekend we had two birthdays. Look at what my friend Eliza found to give the birthday girl?
Look at all of these darling shoes...And they're just for teddy bears. Hmmf.

Stylin' kiddlings. My favorite.
Love the pink dress. Sofie's mom told me she bought it in Albania.

Some more quick crafties from me. Yeah, it seems like I have a thing for flowered brooches. Funny, I don't wear them as much. I just like to make and look at them a lot. Truth be told, in its first life, this was supposed to be a barrette (that I very much wanted to wear), but it put up quite a fight, and I finally let it win.

I made another "Tumbling Card and Button" brooche, but it seems to have been misplaced in a pile of ????

And my first free-formed wire earring (french hook still to come...eh-hem).
This was completely random for me. I just started playing late one evening and this is what I came up with. I'm going to make its partner and maybe a choker to go along with the set.
I'm just starting to unleash that little bittie "mock-jeweler" that has been lurking way down inside of me for the longest. I've always known she's there...I just haven't know what to do with her. I'm having fun just playing around with different materials and creating by instinct, not instruction. Nothing serious. I finally finished that fabric applique necklace too. But it will have to wait, along with the felt cookies, until tomorrow.


Benjette said...

Doorknob message hanger? Well, I don't care what it is as long as it has DORA on it! (Seriously, I am one of those weird adults that actually sometimes watches that show. And buys dolls and stuff.)

MySweetThree said...

I'm sorry Cub is sick. Both of my girls are too..with a hacking type cough...maybe they have caught the same bug..It could be possible..

Poor Allison woke up last night tugging on her ears and she would not stop crying..poor girl. It was 20 minutes full of anxiety, for me, as I did not know how to help her..and just pure pain for Allie..but the ear pain has subsided today. I think she has a sore throat, and it is just affecting her ears too.

Eek..didn't mean to go into all of that.

I hope Cub is feeling better.