Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zee French Znowman Zays Bonsoir!

Isn't he cute? When Cub brought home this snowman from school, he was sans la bouche, so I made him a little one...Then, I just had to give him la moustache. I couldn't help myself. I do love facial hair in a big way! That brought out a good belly laugh from Cub's daddy (who sports a beard and moustache)...And that's how "Vrostey" the french snowman came to life on our window!
Okay, enough silliness. Today was a whopper of a day. Started early and seemed to go on forever. I feel like all I did was cook and clean dishes all day long...Probably, 'cause that's what I did! Bleck.
But we did get out to Target when most sane people (or those without kids) are still cozy in their beds. We made the trip just to get some board games that came reccomended by this amazing lady. Hopefully, Cub will get more into actually playing a game one of these days and not just playing with the pieces!
Then we finally returned two library books that had gone MIA a few months ago!
But look at the goodies I found on the sale cart! Happiness, to me, is the library book sale cart!
I love Maus and read half of this today while Cub played "pizza delivery man" with Daddy. The American history book will go to Cub's "Bah-bah." The other one, you know is mine.

I don't think more than two weeks can go by without me breaking out my crockpot...Lately, I've been more adventurous. For example, today I made these artichokes with white wine and lemon.
I think artichokes are in the top three of my "Top five favorite things to devour" list. I've loved them since I was a babe, my mom loved 'em, and today, Cub kept stealing leaves from mine and chewing on them, before spitting them into the garbage...She couldn't quite get the whole scraping thing. But I know she'll catch on. She's my daughter!
For some reason, I love this photo...distorted color and all.
I think there is some symbolism in here, too.
And what would a weekend be without making at least one barrette! I promise I'm moving on to those fabric headbands shortly. As soon as I get over my sewing machine trauma, that was unfinished holiday fabric napkins for Nana and rick-rack coasters for Aunt Mary!
However, I think this I like this style best of all.

I used one of those double bar metallic barrettes you buy at Duane Read or CVS. This one was my favorite, but it needed something and I was bored so....
I used some brown crossgrain ribbon I had on hand and glued it to the barrette with hot glue.
After it dried a bit, I grabbed whatever buttons I had laying around on the kitchen table and stuck 'em on with hot glue, too! (These are pink and white.) They look like little candies.

Yes, I'm still very attached to my new arm warmers.
Tonight, after my lovely friend and I had to cancel our craft date over here because of
the weather, I ended-up baking anyway. The reason being, there are no goodies in this house!
The box of chocolates is long gone. I have to say, we are spoiled from my holiday baking, candy-making craze. Even Daddy asked the other day, "So, do you have any homemade treats anywhere?" I guess I can't be too mad at that. He gets to eat the benefits when he's here to see Cub, so I can't blame him.
When I'm tired and too lazy to go completely homemade I always go to the Cake Mix Doctor for an idea. Brilliant. Easy. Yummy.
Tonight, I went with this recipe. They are delicious!!! I'm just waiting for some chai tea to finish brewing, then I'm off to the couch for reading and maybe some crafting in front of a good movie.

Hope everyone is having a restful weekend. Tomorrow, we are off to see this film with some of our favorite friends. It looks so cute, don't you think?
I'm excited.


Jojo said...

Now that we are back, which means back to work, I am praying for a snow day! A day to play board games or to make a snow man sounds like heaven. We are lucky in the south in that if we get any amount of snow, they usually cancel work and schools...maybe we will get lucky this year!

Kat said...

I love love love artichokes too! I always seem to be paying late fees on books from the library but I love to pick out new books and find out which ones become my girls favorite before actually buying them. One of the new favorites is "Pinkalicious." Cute barrettes too :)

MySweetThree said...

I have to tell you, Cyndy, That Kat who posted above me? She is my best friend in Real life! Granted, she lives all the way in Ct. We went to high school together and some college too..before I moved to Texas. I love that she started a blog!

And how cute is you moustache-sportin' snowman! And about facial hair..You know that pic I posted of Bobby on his first morning in NC that he took of himself? Well..he has been taking new pics every morning and sending them! He has a FULL BEARD now! I would post a new one, so you could see the difference...but I don't know how I feel about it - lol!

I hope you are having a great week!Me? Not so much, the girls were it's my turn. But, that is ok. This too shall pass. =)