Thursday, January 8, 2009

On Tattooed Soap, Tantrums, and Stuff.

Last year, I ordered an over-abundance of vintage-style waterslide decals. They are so much fun to use. I ended up putting many of them on the soap I was making at the time. I even sold a couple on my pretty-much-now-defunct-etsy site (RIP).
I came across the tattoo soap idea here, while I was flitting through the blogosphere, searching for inspiration...I fell in love with the idea a whole lot more this way. Maybe it's the pirate thing...or the tattoo thing...Either way, I had to compulsively try to recreate the cuteness.
Just so happens that last night, while browsing around in my favorite (undershopped) dollar store, I found packages of the coolest temporary tattoos!
Unfortunately, they don't stick to the soap so well. I don't know if this is the case for all temp tattoos, or if it was this batch...or if it's the soap...Couldn't be me, right??? But I lost patience after a while. I get really "cranky" when my crafty projects go awry! So, I unearthed some cherub stickers from last year and slapped 'em on two of the cakes of soap. Looks pretty.
I positioned the tattoo soaps towards the back, but you can see the potential, right? I got to throw some of my magic fairy soap glitter into one batch, too. I scented some of the soap with (one of my all-time favorite scents) Rose Bud fragrance oil from Brambleberry, a favorite supplier. If you stop over there, I want to make both of those soaps on their front page...especially the honey bee bars!!! Yes, I think I'm going back to soapmaking in 2009! For the other batch, I added tumeric for color, and pure jasmine essential oil. Both smell heavenly. I packaged them up in cello bags and rick-rack. Gifties for V-day, I suppose...along with the homemade marshmallows I plan to make and the flourless chocolate cupcakes I WILL bake...Now, if only I had a valentine, I'd be all set!
Speaking of dollar store the same store last night, I found a pair of arm warmers! Yay! I've had arm-warmer envy all winter. Lots of hip crafty girls who knit made beauties and I wanted them sooooo badly...But somehow couldn't justify the $40-ish price tags over on etsy...Sockdreams was very reasonable, but always sold out. So, now I have my own, Pippy Longstocking version. You can't tell by my awful photo, but they are pink, navy, and black striped with some sweet wooden buttons up top. I'm usually not that badly matched, but I threw them on when we came home tonight and the house was freezing!
And Kristin, this one's for you...Remember the idea about taking photos of our children mid-tantrum? Well, guess who knocked the camera out of my hand right after I snapped this one? Hee, hee!

She really didn't want to go to bed.
Can you tell?
And a great big....T. G. I. F!!!!
Going back this week was rough.


J for Jendetta said...

Aw are too cute...

Renee said...

I'm loving the glitter - great Valentines!

MySweetThree said...

Ha ha ha!!! You made me laugh out loud!!! And Yeah for Soapmaking in '09! I already learned that you can put temporary tattoos on soap...Who knew? Not me! I heard it here first!

We are heading to San Antonio in the morning...we will be gone for a week! Me, the girls, and the open road, ha ha. I am actually very very excited about it! I will bring my camera, and hopefully steal some moments to continue to blog...Enjoy your TGIF and have a SUPER weekend!

Heather - - said...

I love your "tattoo" soap with or without the tats! :) I might go back to soapmaking in '09 too. We'll see. I might be nearing the end of what I made for Soapmaking '06. :) I love Brambleberry, too! Their blog is where I got the inspiration to put tats on soap in the first place.

Those arm warmers are too cute. I have been thinking of using one of those stripey knit scarves from the DS as long arm warmers, but if I can find readymade arm warmers there, why bother?

Thanks for linking to dollar store crafts! :)