Friday, January 2, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go

Yesterday was such a special day...
We went to my Grandmother's house for three celebrations: Christmas, New Year's, and my baby brother's 40th birthday!
It was a breeze getting there...No traffic! That means they were only 45 minutes away as opposed to the usual hour and a half!
I had to take a picture of Cub passed out in the back because it is such a rare sight!
This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it...That bobble head is too funny.

This pizza set was one of her favorite gifts from Aunt Kathy and Uncle David. The velcro on the back of the toppings makes it easy to customize each slice!
Yay for wooden toys!!!
Here is one of the gifts I received from daddy's family that didn't get stolen...It was given to me over the weekend. I must say, I am enjoying it thoroughly! I'm also getting spoiled by this creamy-tasting coffee each morning...but that's the beauty of a holiday gift. Thanks, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Joe for such a generous present.

We had cake right before we left. My brother was born on New Year's Eve, but he wanted to save the cake so we could all be there to enjoy it. What a guy! He and Cub blew out the candles together. Afterwards, he broke out some old childhood photos...We've come a long way together, my brother and I. My grandmother told us when he was born, I acted just like I was his mommy. I was two at the time, but I thought he was mine...
Happy Birthday, my sweet brother! May God Bless your fortieth year with health, happiness, and dreams fulfilled.
Doesn't matter that your 40 and 6'4"...
You will always be my little guy.


Patrizia said...

Hey Miss Cyndy. I am just catching up on your blog. My gosh...I am so sorry to hear about "Pops".
And then the Christmas heart was crushed reading it.
We miss you both and Wish you a Happy New Year.
I'll shoot you an e-mail.
So sorry agian!

MySweetThree said...

Happy Birthday to your brother! It sounds like it was a great celebration. I am getting a chuckle at the picture of you and cub...all bundled up..go take a peek at my latest blog entry to see what I mean...SHORTS (okay, spolier alert!) hee hee... Cub looks so cute though...all slumped over..ha ha...When Allison and Emily fall asleep in the car, I always try to puuush them back up to where I *think* they would be more comfortable..but they always just sluuuump right forget how limber those little bodies are...I sit on the floor for 15 minutes and I have aches the rest of the day! I need to do more stretching!

J for Jendetta said...

Wow, so happy everything went well!! Beautiful! Miss you miss you!