Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On The Eighth Day...

I sewed sachets!
I was tired. Yes. But I really can't just sit around doing nothing. After taking care of some things that needed tending to, I had a lot of fun making these on my new sewing machine. The other night I finally had the guts to open it up, wind the bobbin, and jump right on. Things were a bit choppy at first, but sewing so many of these last night was the perfect little project to build my confidence up.
If you are a non-sewer and would still like to make sachets, check-out this great tutorial over at one of my favorite places. They really look the same. Excellent.
I have to say, sewing on the machine is so relaxing to me...and the instant gratification isn't so bad either!

The chocolate-graham crackers were actually pretty good. They were a hit at work, too. Unfortunately, I didn't get to photograph them. I'm concerned about them melting, though. So, I'm still exploring the world of holiday goodies. Tonight, I found these, Savory Spiced Shortbread by Sunset. I am oh so curious about them as I love Indian (inspired) foods. However, I don't know how friends and family will feel about them. Also, I keep coming back to this Peanut Butter Fudge recipe.
Again, I'll have to test-drive, but at least I know fudge will store well for up to a week.

Tonight, I think I'm going to take it easy and work on the Felt Cone Christmas Tree for Cub's room and definitely begin to wrap some prezzies!!!


MySweetThree said...

Hi Cyndy!! The sachets look so great...so exciting that you are posting some of the creations with your new sewing machine! I need to go back and read through all of the posts I have missed. This evening is literally the first that I am carving out some time to read. I need to send you a convo to tell you all about the happenings here. It has been much harder than I anticipated, honestly. I feel very fragile and missing home..and Allie keeps asking to go back to the blue house (our house was white, but our door was blue, hence the blue house) anyway...off to read some of your posts...good night.

Jojo said...

These look a lot like a cake my husband loves that he calls sfoof. I don't like the texture of cake but I might like these. I love curry so this may be on my try list just out of curiosity.

J for Jendetta said...

they came out really nice!!! i miss you at work!!