Sunday, December 14, 2008

On The Thirteenth Day...

Busy, busy...
1) Rise and Shine - Daddy comes over for tea and toast and best of all...
He and Cub finally set up our Playmobil nativity set! (Sorry, no pix tonight...Just too tired to download/upload...)
2) Off to church. Such a beautiful mass. I needed it, too. I have until tomorrow to put a present under the Giving Tree. Yay!
3) After lunch, I brought Cub to see her first live performance...A Christmas Carol!
She absolutely loved it. When it was over, there was a Q&A with the actors. My little one (to my surprise), was the first to raise her hand to tell the actors, "I LIKED your play!"
I'm so excited to share live theater with my girl as I am a big fan. I told her today that the only other thing I could see myself doing other than teaching, is acting. It's true, too.
Cub, along with everyone else around us, seems to be coming down with a cold or something like that. I am feeling all-around tired and in desperate need of some rest and comfort, but I still have a lot to do. I did wrap all of my gifts last night, so that's something.
There are apples baking in the oven right now and the night ahead is looking quiet and restful.
The only things on the agenda after cleaning the kitchen are a long, hot bath and some handsewing on the couch.
I'll have fun photos and an "ez" baking post tomorrow!
Nighty, night.
Oh, PS: Sorry, I can't link videos to my posts. Don't exactly know why, but check out this video on Rayna and how she has brought activism and craft together! Awesome.


Jojo said...

Oh wouldn't it be nice to have time to slow down, relax and enjoy all the wonderful events and happenings of the seasons. As I read your post I was enjoying thinking about A Christmas Carol. By the time I got to the apples baking, I could almost smell them and I was imagining being bundled up in a cozy warm spot wishing for a cup of tea.

MySweetThree said...

Aw...My heart just melted when you said that Cub raised her hand to tell the actors she liked the play!! I love that! All I did was act in High School...and then after high school, in community theatre..and I was a part of an improv group in NC for awhile...between, hmmm? Maybe she will be bit by the acting bug? Possibility, no?