Thursday, December 4, 2008

On The Fourth Day...

I began tackling a "To Do" holiday list that is a lot longer than I previously thought.
But I am smitten with our new garland. I made it out of glittery candy-cane letters
purchased at JoAnn's and threaded on (my favorite) red rick-rack. I wanted to hang it over one of the windows in our living room but alas, no more push-pins. I'll just have to add another lil' thang to the TDL! (bleh).
It's okay on the bookcase for now.
I finally unearthed all of our ornaments and holiday decorations. That was some job!
Here is one of my favorite decorations. Cub's Nana gave it to me last year. It was made by one of our favorite local artists, "Diana," who sells things at one of the best gift shops in the whole world...I don't know the name of it, but for locals, it's on Oakland just off the corner of Forest. I won't say anymore about it. Just go and see for yourself.
Thanks to my crummy photo, you can't see that little sign that says, "Hook Mountain 1 mile." Those are whiskers on the snowman. A total hoot! So imaginative. I wish you could be here to really see how great this is in person.
And here's my little gang from last year. I'm still so pleased with myself...'cuz I hand-sewed about twenty felt ornaments last year. Below are those I just
couldn't part with! I'm so happy to see them.

Today, I also ran around and started to gather ingredients for holiday baking.
I scored all of this sugar for $5.00!
My little fella here is doing the happy dance.
I'm using the two white sugars for cookies and vanilla sugar.
The turbinado will be used for the sugar scrubs.
Cub went to dinner and a movie with her Grandparents after school today. It's amazing how much I can accomplish solo. But my heart ached around 6pm. The house smells lovely from the cinnamon candles that are burning. It's lightly raining outside. So nice and cozy inside. I am content with the fact that my little one is safe and snug in her bed and that I will spend the evening working on creating things for those that I love.
What's everyone up to lately?


J for Jendetta said...

all lovely!!!

i am sickish, tired, stressed, lazy.

will give you a buzz tomorrow...curious about this gift shop!!

Jojo said...

Oh I got off track a bit as I had planned to bake tonight but instead I did some shopping. I didn't post it but how frustrating is this. On Wednesday I was going to run out at lunch and buy a few new ornaments that were on sale. While driving out of the parking deck, a very bad driver backed into my car. Two and a half hours later I went back to work without new ornaments. Most frustrating. The damage was not too bad but the loss of time just put me in a bad mood.

Meanwhile my sister sent me an internet cookie recipe swap so I sent it out to 15 people. So far I have 2 recipes back. Participants have 5 days to respond so I will let you know if anything great comes my way.

MySweetThree said...

I'm Baaack!!!

I missed you!! I can see that I have a lot of lovely reading awaiting me and I can't wait to read what your week has been like...We just got our internet hooked up this afternoon..but my parents are here, and my brother and his family are coming tomorrow and all are leaving on Sunday..but then, we are getting our tree and it will be Monday at the earliest that I can catch up on reading/writing in blog-world, but I HAD to stop over and give you a hello, my friend.

And we are all well....just very tired..yes, very. tired.
Good Night, Cyndy!