Saturday, December 13, 2008

On The Twelfth Day...

We shopped just a wee bit more.
Nothing too fancy. I actually needed more records for my record bowl baskets.
So, we hit up our local salvation army. One hour and change later, we had some
brand new woodland-themed wrapping paper, a few more ornaments I just could not pass-up, and some interesting records.
This time with the record bowls, I tried to find ones that the recipient would actually appreciate.
I can't believe I found the soundtrack to Valley of the Dolls!
And I can't believe I just baked it in the oven to make a (lopsided) bowl at that!
Since I really don't know anyone who will appreciate this as much as moi...
I guess I'll just have to keep it. Boo-hoo.
As always, when I'm at "Sally's Boutique", I pick-up just about any book that I think someone I know will enjoy reading. Bulldogs, NYPD history, and vintage romances really don't
float my boat, but each and every one is a PERFECT gift for somebody.
Tonight, I really have to get down to the business of wrapping-up some packages.
I'm also going to make a small batch of salt dough ornaments for Cub to paint and decorate tomorrow.

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MySweetThree said...

I love that you are making the record bowls...I have seen them before and I think they are super cool. And I have a ton of records (my dad used to be a dj/news reporter at a radio station, so we have a bajillion records) I just can't seem to bring myself to bake any of them..maybe I will have to make a goodwill run one of these know, pick up a record that I don't have an emotional attachment to, lol, me and my emotional attachments, I have a lot of them.