Monday, December 29, 2008

Therapeutic Crafting

This vacation has been different than I had originally planned. I haven't seen my family yet, Pops passed away, nothing has really been done around the house, we've been coming home late from gathering every night...but we've been okay. Better than okay, sometimes. There has been a lot of love and joy in the midst of everything and those are always good feelings.
Yesterday, we were home for a few hours in between visiting relatives/eating.
For some reason, I found myself making these little barrettes again...only this time with the variation.
I am a bit of a hair accessory-a-holic, and it does not help that Cub hates anything in her hair. Bummer. I feel like a kinda got short-changed in that department! I finally had a little girl-Yay! I get to play with pig-tails and lots of hair-do's and clips, elastics, RIBBONS, too!!!!!
Nope. No way. Maybe that explains it.

Needing a bit more craft-therapy, I made a visit to Craftbits. I'm sentimental about that site. When I first started making stuff, they were one of the first places I found with lots of bath and body crafts, which is what I was very much into at the time. I still like them a lot over there!
Anyway, I found this printable Matryoshka doll and made an easy ornament. Of course, I then had to make her a sister out of felt. Here they are hanging-out on our tree.
I just wish I was better at the face thing. Maybe a Sharpee wasn't the best bet, but I thought paint wouldn't do well on the fuzzy felt. Oh, well.
Making things makes you feel better and that's what it was about.


MySweetThree said...

I think the ornaments turned out great..and the barrettes...I would love to make them!
And wouldn't you know that Allison hates anything in her hair? I bring barrettes with me everywhere we go, because if I do her hair before we go, then she pulls them out in the car...and I have a basketFULL of all kinds of barrettes and clips..I get MUCH more use out of them than she does...However lately (as in the last few days) she has been letting me put half her hair up..I tend to wear my hair like that a lot...and I think she is really starting to imitate that may be it..hmmm...Anyway, many hugs to you, my friend!

Kat said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's good to have family around you and to let your creative juices flow. Your post caught my eye because my daughter is the same way she will never let me put anything in her hair and I love to make barrettes. She says she wants them in but then shortly after its...mommy take these out please!