Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the Second Day...

I wrapped one (The Making of Star Wars) video tape for a certain someone.
I topped the prezzie with my very first pom-pom made from a Key Food bag!
It could be a bit "poofier," but I'm happy with the overall look for a first try.
This present isn't finished yet. I'm cutting out the letters of this person's name out of vintage holiday wrap and I will paste them on a la Lupin! She has really inspired me this holiday season with all of her simple and creative ideas. Love 'em all, Laura!
The little boxes in the background...They were my thing last year. I made gift boxes out of Stove Top stuffing boxes and old holiday cards. This year, they will be used to give some vintage pins and earrings to a friend.

This evening Jojo reminded me of these cookies...Oh, yessssss. I have been thinking about them since Alicia posted this photo. They are the most divine looking sugar cookies I've ever seen! And I have to add, I am not exactly a fan of the sugar cookie. But I'm going to try my hardest to recreate these heavenly looking confections.
(Above photo by Alicia Paulson.)
Jenn and I have a date to create (bake&craft) this friday night. Today, she reminded me that we need to figure out what we're bringing to a co-workers holiday party the following evening.
I've been doing my homework on the sugar cookies and I found a recipes for these babies on tastespotting.

They give me that same, "I have to eat you NOW!" feeling in my solar plexus. The texture of the cookie and frosting seem similar, too. Maybe with a little tweaking, they'll come close to Posy's mom's. Anyway, they sure are pretty.
I also found these beauties (judging by the photo only, they may actually come closest) and these, too. They all look so good, don't they?


J for Jendetta said...

1. I LOVE the names on the package idea!!
2. I can't wait for our Bake-off!! Need to definitely research but no time right now.
3. I am swamped with ideas!!! I WISH I DIDN"T HAVE A REGULAR JOB!!!

Jojo said...

I can't stop thinking about this weekend's baking day and your post makes me want to start on those cookies now! On the way home I bought several different sugar sprinkles but I still need to find a good glaze recipe to use on the cookies. Typically I use a teacake recipe that one of my school teachers gave me years ago. It was her great aunt's recipe and the family continually passed it down.

The grocery store bag pompom makes a great decorative topping for a gift. Our local grocery uses yellow bags and this summer I made a yellow bouquet but it wasn't too pretty. The white looks great against the red paper.