Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On The Third Day...

"...of Christmas my true love gave to me..."
Three Button Riiiings.
I actually made them late last night. Now that I have a huge button stash, crafts like this
are quick and easy. It's so much fun to play with color combos and design. And it's a lot of fun to wear them all on one hand, too!
Here are some record bowls I made. Warning if you decide to do this: the old Columbia records don't bend very well because they have a hard reinforcement surrounding the center. It just wouldn't melt. So, now I know to look for records without that. These will be just fine anyway. There are so many music lovers and musicians in both of our families, so these are my official "go-to" holiday gift. I'll fill them with homemade treats and goodies and then wrap them up all pretty and topped with lots of Vintage ribbon and bows. When the treats are finished, they'll have a nice bowl for storing just about anything that fits inside.
Isn't that a lovely Nutcracker album cover? I bought this record because I wanted to make a journal with the cover. Now I'm not really feeling like cutting it up anymore.

I am just overflowing with inspiration and motivation these days. Everywhere I look, there is something to fall in love with.
Just look at what Lupin did today. I tell you, she is unstoppable!
Last year, Cub, Daddy, and I sat and cut up many, many, paper snowflakes and then taped them to every window in our apartment. However, they were NOT fun to take down. These are so practical the way they hang from a thread. But honestly, I'm just not feeling the snowflakes this year. I will cut a few to decorate some packages. Again, Lupin's idea!

And I finally found the adorable and easy to make treat that I've been waiting for to jump out at me. Because of my limited time (and patience), quick and easy are requirements for basically anything I make. Although, I'm sure that's obvious by now!
I can't wait to make these. Move over Starbucks!
I have tons of colored sprinkles, coconut, and chopped nuts, too.
Oh, this is going to be good!

How crazy (good) does this Red Velvet Cheesecake look?
I'm a big red velvet fan. Yeah, the food coloring does freak me out (more than) a bit, but I'll sacrifice a little red dye coursing through my veins, for the rich cocoa flavor and texture that is distincltly Red Velvet.
So happy this caught my eye, 'cause that's how I discovered the Super Adorable
Culinary Concotions by Peabody.
I have already added her recipe for Candy Cane Meltaways to my "Holiday Baking" list.

And speaking of Red Velvet...I'm loving this wreath. much to make, so little...
Nope! I will find the time. There are still 21 days to play, create, explore, and most of all...

Now off I go to string some glittery candy cane letters onto some red rick-rac...A new garland for our happy home!

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Jojo said...

I am lovin' the wreath too but I am especially loving the cookie recipe! I am making those peppermint meltaways. Yum!