Saturday, December 20, 2008

On The Nineteenth Day...

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I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas...

That's right!

Trees (and photo) available at
I am smitten with non-traditional Christmas colors this year...I can almost see the pink or white tree standing proudly in our living year!
Lovin' these bottle brush trees, as always. Funny, I haven't bought a bag of greenies and bleached and dyed 'em that lovely shade of rose pink. Well, I can't do everything, right?
However, catching a glimpse of Sarah's waterless snowglobe made me j-e-a-l-o-u-s, just a tad.
The pink house above will forever remind me of my Grandmother. She would set up her little village of about twenty of these houses on the mantle of the fireplace. There were some churches, too.
Today was a bit stressful. Cub woke up a couple of times during the night to tell me she was afraid of the dark. She finally came in bed with me to stay around 7am. She promptly fell asleep for two more hours. I never went back. When she finally woke-up, I dragged her over to JoAnn's where they were having a 50% off sale on practically everything. I still spent more than I wanted to, but now I finally have that rotary cutter and mat!
I bought some soft plushy fleece in a Middle-Eastern inspired pattern to make my brother's new girlfriend one of these no-sew blankets. So excited to do this.
After a couple more hours of last minute shopping, we arrived home to find Cub's daddy and the landlord waiting for us in the driveway. Humbug!
At least the landlord fixed the horribly clogged sink and tub!
I was pretty embarrased at the state of our apartment. I mean, with a full-time job, full-time mommy-ing, attempting to be super Elf, Betty Crocker, and Martha Stewart all in one, something's got to give...Okay, I've got to get down to some serious cleaning.
That's what the week between Christmas and New Year's is for!
After wrapping some teacher prezzies, making, eating, and cleaning-up lunch fixin's, it was off to Long Island to visit my Grandparents.
Yup, my brother and I had an argument over pizza.
Thank heavens we promptly made-up over lemon vodka gimlets, which were his idea!
Two slices and some garlic knots later...I wrote out all of Grandma's holiday cards for her and then wrestled Cub out of their house to endure the drive home.
Should I mention that I also got lost, my windshield froze-up, I could barely see, Cub kept telling me she had to throw-up for most of the way, and it took over an hour and a half to return home?
Yup! It's been one of those days...Time for a hot bath using one of those soaps I ordered from daisycakes last week. I deserve it!


J for Jendetta said...

yet you still accomplish soo much! i am stressed and depressed and just sooo tired.

Girl Land said...

you do wayyyy more than I do!!! Glad you liked the "waterglobe". :) I'd highly recommend dyeing those trees...soooo easy! Maybe you could do some Valentine ones! xo

MySweetThree said...

I hope you enjoyed your sounds like you really needed some are superwoman, I tell really are.