Monday, December 15, 2008

On The Fourteenth Day...

In honor of Make Something Monday and in solidarity with Kristin (great idea with the gift bags, btw!), I thought I'd share these simple ornaments that I made last year. I made them while I was in the middle of putting all my craft supplies and holiday decorations away after the new year! That's how I do things most of the time. This marked the beginning of my obsession with crafting recyclables!

Originally, I was going to make a garland for above an entryway, but decided on ornaments instead.

This nativity is making us so happy. Cub has been going over to the tree often and playing with all the people. That's why Mary isn't wearing her head covering in this photo.
Here's the whole set, backdrop, cardboard manger, and all.
I love Playmobil even more for this!
And just look at these lovely Rome apples! These came out so well last night.
I really was tempted to eat both in one sitting, but decided my girl would
enjoy it for tonight's dessert.

I haven't accomplished much sewing in the past few days. But I've been working on some paper gifts using this gorgeous print, thanks to Yasmine.
EZ Bake post and vintage ornaments are coming soon!!!


Jojo said...

The apples look so good. What a delicious comfort food.

Living said...

Very nice nativity scene!

J for Jendetta said...

so lovely!!

MySweetThree said...

That nativity scene is very cool...

And those ornaments!! Tell that a preserved cracker star? I have never seen that before!
I love it!!

MySweetThree said...

....still looks like a very real cracker to me. Had to take another peek.