Sunday, December 21, 2008

On The Twentieth Day...

I was a busy, busy, bee.
I woke-up nice and early and refreshed. Immediately it hit me that I have four days to finish everything on my holiday "to do" list! Yikes!
So, I got to work right away on the no-sew fleece blanket. As usual, nothing is quite as easy as it looks in the tutorial, but eventually (and two cups of coffee later), I got it going.
Excuse the haphazard photo. But at least you can get the idea.
This fleece is super soft and plush. Lovely, actually. I wouldn't mind receiving something like this at all! I still have to tie-up the other two sides, but it should go quickly now that I have the hang of it.
Next project...Salt Dough Ornaments! Oh, what fun they were to make!
I mixed the big lump of dough and then handed it over to Cub and her daddy. They did a nice job together.

After daddy left, Cub and I did a very rare thing for us...WE NAPPED!
When we woke-up late afternoon, it was so nice to put on some holiday music, sit down at the table together and paint-up the ornaments. So much fun. I feel so blessed to have such a sweet little one to share things like this with.
I told her tonight, she is the MUSE of my being. I told her I never created half as much before she came into my life. Funny, I think she really understood that. She gave me the biggest smile and said, "Really, Mama?"
Now that she is asleep for the night, I will glaze them and when dry, thread some fancy holiday ribbon through them...raffia looks real pretty, too- for a different look. They'll be perfect tied to wrapped presents...a nice little "extra."

I've already hung some on our tree!

And here is some fudge I made in the quiet hours late friday night. I have to say, I've been a little more than afraid to try fudge again after a big disaster last year!
But I trust The Small Object and The Chicken and went with the recipe they use this time.
So smooth, so easy...
I'm very happy with the results.

I'll make another version and along with the cookies we've yet to bake, I'll put together little plates for a couple of neighbors...Maybe I'll even take some to work if there is any left.
We've been dipping into the stash!

Happy First Day of Winter and Happy Hanukkah!

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J for Jendetta said...

awesome!!! how expensive was the fleece?? looks like a great idea! I made some caramel corn tonight, wanted to make something with peanut butter but can't find my darn extra jar...grr!! Sorry I didn't come by, been lazy and not wanting to move!! xoxo