Thursday, December 18, 2008

On The Seventeenth Day...

Ahhhhhh. That's a big Sigh of Relief 'cuz today we reached a verdict. Jury duty is officially over. I finally feel like I can get on with the joy of the holiday season. I didn't realize how much that responsibility was weighing on me until I walked out of that courthouse this afternoon.

Last night, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by life in general. I was in need of what Nikki referred to on her blog as a "brainless craft." I tried to handsew during the television version of A Christmas Carol, but wasn't feeling it. So, thinking of Whimsy Love, I decided to finally give those button bouquets a try. Turns out it was just the thing I needed. All of those brightly-colored buttons soothed my soul.

Don't they have a cheerful qualitly about them?

I love that Ball jar salt & pepper shaker. I found two on ebay, for like, $4.00. I bought the buttons and green floral wire at JoAnn's. When this was finished, I tried really hard to think of someone who would appreciate receiving this as a holiday gift. Sadly, I couldn't think of anyone.

So I set this little bouquet of cheer in the middle of our kitchen table....And a certain little someone admired it immediately upon walking into the kitchen this morning.

The nice part is, there are many possible variations to this project...So many styles of buttons and jars and someday...I will make the perfect little button bouquet for somebody special.


Jojo said...

Those are precious and so cheerful! It looks like a perfect bouquet to make and take to those in hospitals and nursing homes. Permanent flowers that never need water!!! So glad the duty is over but thank you for doing your civic duty. Such an important part of our American process.

Susan Sager Brown said...

The button bouquet is so damn cute!! It makes me happy just looking at it!
Love your color choices.
all the bestest,