Thursday, December 11, 2008

On The Tenth Day...

"Pretty Happy Trees..."
Here is my imperfect little unfinished felt tree. Glue stains and all! Still not complete, but if I don't post it now, I never will. My train is leavin' the felty forest very soon.
I have been insanely busy. Jury duty is indeed a nine to five job. I pick-up Cub right after, and home we go for a hot meal and some relaxation before bedtime. A trip to Michael's is definitely in order. I need to purchase some sparkly jewels to make the tree all shiny and pretty...And it needs more buttons. Lots more buttons.
Until then, it will just have to remain the Charlie Brown tree of felt trees. Sigh.

If you want to view some felt-tree eye candy, look over HERE! So, so pretty.
ThompsonFamily is a blog I recently discovered. I get lost in all of the yummy colors and inspiration over there. LUV it.
In my blog travels of late, I've also discovered two more visions of loveliness:
Lollychops and LaFujiMama. I find both of these places to be cozy, creative, and super-inspirational!
How cute is LaFujiMama's banner?
Now into the kitchen...All of the cold, rainy weather this evening called for a spontaneous cookie baking session. When I haven't prepared ingredients for planned baking ahead of time, I go to a vegan recipe. It's simple, tasty, and healthy.
We had light and delicious Peanut Butter cookies in less than twenty minutes!
This recipe was the first that came-up in a search and Cub and I both think it's a keeper.

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