Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On The Ninth Day...

I've been hoarding a small collection of candy-craft ideas since last holiday season. Well, a day spent on jury duty and some other irritants have me feeling kinda blue this evening. So what better way to lift my spirits than to indulge in some sweetness.
This first goodie was made using a tutorial orignially posted by the beautiful and talented Alicia. I fell in love with this last year, but couldn't justify buying all of those gumdrops just to make a decoration. I know, I'm a little funny like that. I really don't like the idea of playing with food, even if it is candy. Living in a city apartment, I was also afraid that unwrapped sugary treats hanging on a wall would attract some unwanted (eh-hem...) visitors.

Today, Skip To My Lou posted a tutorial to make this wreath. I dig the idea of wrapped candy pieces and this just makes me smile. I think I'm going to make this for my dear Grandmother who loves her hard candy. I've been looking for one more gift for her and this would be perfect.

I stumbled upon a tutorial for this candy tree last night. I had just about completed Cub's felt tree (post after finishing touches), and was looking for Emily's felt trees from last year for some inspiration. I love them!! This candy-tree is a good idea, but it calls for t-pins to hold the candies in place...not great for my grandma who can't see, but an adorable decoration none-the-less. Have I shared how much I love gummy-savers? If there is time, maybe I'll indulge. It's just too cute not to!
There. I'm feeling better already. Tomorrow I'd like to share some felty-tree love and some
craft blogs and tutorials that have been keeping me inspired lately.
Sweet Dreams, Everyone!

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MySweetThree said...

Is it weird that I have always wanted to be called in for Jury Duty? I had been "drafted" for Jury duty one time in my life..and that was when I had just moved to Texas when I was 20, but it had come from my home state of CT, so I just had to show that I moved and I was off the hook. Not a peep from jury duty since then...I picture what it looks like in the movies..I am betting if I was in for the real thing, it would destroy the image in my head.

And I don't know when I will ever get back to blogging. It seems so far away...or crafting, that seems like a far away dream too. It doesn't feel like things will get any easier here. I am having fun reading what you are up to however.