Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bubblegum Cake

This awesome illustration was made by artist Veronika Nagy.
While trauling for an image of bubblegum I had the pleasure of meeting her artwork via etsy via flickr. Like her A LOT. There is a new trendy-looking art that I've noticed out and about these days. I'm not saying I don't like it exactly. It's just getting a tad overdone.
Well, she's got all the talent and style, without all of the pretense. So, she is
a good one, in my book. Her "Childhood Series," left me whirling. One after the other, I want them all. They are just meant for our world, there is no other way to put it. I have already picked-out this one for Cub and I will narrow down several of my choices to put one under the tree for me. I seriously want this one, and this one, and this ONE!!!!
Okay, down to business. My friend Jenn blogged about OCD (Obsessive Crafting Disorder) a while ago. I had to chuckle to myself when I read that because I, too, suffer from my own brand of OCD--that is, "Obsessive Cooking Disorder."
I knew that I had crossed a line of sorts, when last night at 11pm I got a bug for homemade cake. Thank you very much, Tyler Florence! Why the heck did your homemade southern four-layered coconut cake have to look so yummy?
I used a Pineapple Duncan Hines mix I was saving to make a cheater's version of Upside Down Cake (love that one) and so I mixed it according to the directions on the box.
I substituted banana yogurt for the oil, added a little vanilla extract and a lot of rum, and a big handful of coconut.
I poured it sloppily into my grandma's old bundt pan--which always makes for a sticky, messy, frustrating experience of cake "excavation," but it was late, so who cared anyway?
When finished, I iced it with my homemade buttercream which I now keep stocked in the fridge!
The cake should have been good. Really it should have.
The first bite did bring something to mind, but after midnight, my brain shut down. After taking a few bites this evening, Cub said, "Mama, this cake tastes like Cherry!"
And I had just finally realized at that exact moment that this cake tastes exactly like...


MySweetThree said...

ha ha...Bubble gum cake!! that had me laughing...and, uh, I needed it.. today was a hard one..
I am too tired to talk about it.

All is good..just saying goodbye is hard. ugh. I'm so tired...said that already, must be true! We are moving to the city of San Angelo, by the 10 days.. I need to find some time to post some more..but, Not tonight. A bowl of butter pecan ice cream has my name all over it..and I want to snuggle in my comforter lazily in bed with a good book...I will be sleeping before 10pm... I am sure of that! Have a great Friday!

MySweetThree said...

I read your comment...aaww...made me so happy...I am lucky to have "met" you...


And that muppet song can bring me to tears any day of the week..I also can't read it without singing the melody in my head...ok, or completely out loud, lol.

We are going to the Raleigh Christmas parade tomorrow morning, and then we have one last weekend for packing...the coming week will be filled with visits to friends, and "saying goodbye" as the muppets would say....Have a great weekend, Cyndy!

Jojo said...

Cyndy, That is hilarious but do you ever get to rest? If you were baking at midnight - what time did you get to bed? I hope you have a restful weekend but as I read your blog, it looks like you have way too many projects in mind to rest this weekend.