Monday, November 24, 2008

Nut Cups and Other Goodies

I promised a little while ago, that I would not blab too much about the goodies I find
along my holiday fair travels. But this was a very "unglamorous" rummage sale and I earned my booty, I really did. My sweet girl, one day over her sickies, was a champ. She sat in a corner and woofed down three mini-muffins, while her silly mama power shopped through the chaos. She made out pretty well, as always with some books that bring out the best of her giggles, classic disney films in mint condition, and an adorable snowglobe that she dropped numerous times, so now it looks more like murky snow soup! Oh, well.
Do you remember these nut cups? Wow. These take me back. I used to love going to those girlie parties where everything was coordinated, just to get my little nut cup made of crepe-paper and filled with m&m's. What a nerd I was and apparently still am because I think these
are the coolest. Even though they are kinda smooshed. No bother. They will fluff out in no time, someday when I decide there is something worth using them for. I'm thinking a very distant crafts fair, when Cub is a teenager. Because I figure, maybe at that point, I'll have enough time to devote to proper craft production and attention to detail. Something I am not about right now in our lives. At least I try, though!
These just make me smile.
I took this photo to display the latest object of my holiday-crafting affection...
mini-pincushions. I really don't know too many ladies who handsew, but dang!
I would love one of these babies if someone made me one. I guess I just love mini
everything. I figure I'll make a bunch of things that I enjoy making-with a vague notion of
who gets what. These were a lot of fun to make. I finished this one off with
a little vintage yellow button on the side, 'cause everything is better with a button!
The strawberry canister is from Japan and I took it because, although it doesn't excite me
all that much, it will make for cute storage in that future craft room I'll have someday, too!
...It was another rummage sale find.

And I just had to share this. Since I don't have an official crafting/storage space, I try to find creative ways to store different items, so they kinda blend in with our apartment. I collect tin cans with what I think are appealing or nostalgic labels. I've lined them up along the kitchen windowsill above the sink, and they store markers, pencils, paintbrushes, and a vast collection of scissors.
I saw this can and knew it had to come live on the shelf...But first we have to eat the fancy lentils!
Isn't that a beautiful can?
At closer examination, she actually looks pretty sinister.
What is she doing? Karate?

***Make Something Monday - Well, I suppose the pin cushions don't count because they were made on Sunday.
However, I'm about to make Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars for tomorrow's Thanksgiving celebration at work. So, that's what I'm making. Yay.


J for Jendetta said...

i am sooooo tired....waaah. didn't make anything! night isn't over yet...

MySweetThree said...

What a fabulous idea about the old cans with labels....I have a box full of cans from my great grandma and I would love to do something with them..And...Please, don't stop or even limit sharing about your finds from holiday fairs...I am living vicariously through you!! lol (seriously!) Do you know how much I would LOVE to peruse around the various fairs this season? kids would surely not have it! I am a bit green with envy over here! =)

ps. We are moving to San west central stop will be in about 2 years, where we want to live in San Antonio, which is 3 hours from San Angelo...That only means I will have to say goodbye to friends again...oh. My heart is hurting. =(