Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Can Dream...

I'd like to share a little fantasy. It was spurred on by reading The Food Section, (a long time obsession) this evening. For me, Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a little piece of paradise.
I haven't been there yet, but I've fallen in love with it a million times already-since first hearing about it from Cub's daddy. You just have to go here to find out why I'm so enthralled with the whole idea of a "...Center for Food and Agriculture." If you are even remotely interested in food, you will be intrigued, at least. I have to get there soon. Until then-
Back to the fantasy...On my dream date, he (NOT Cub's daddy) picks me up and we drive here:

Blue Hill, NY
...for the final installment of this dinner series, which features the sense of "Taste."
They have a restaurant in the city, too. But it just wouldn't be the same.

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MySweetThree said...

You need to go there and turn that dream into reality. You just need to plan it out and go! Looks fabulous!