Monday, November 3, 2008

Crafts by Cub

My girl is a huge Max and Ruby fan. That's a show on Noggin, for all of you who don't live in Kidville. I actually really like this show. The decor is a fabulous mix of Mexican/Vintage, if that makes sense. Great wallpaper, too. I love to watch these sweet little rabbits, who happen to be brother and sister, walk from room to room. I was on a paper doll kick a few weekends ago, so I included Cub in the fun.
We downloaded the paper dolls from Noggin's site, then colored them and cut them out.
Well, I cut them out. I'm a control freak like that! Then I pasted them to (what else?) an old granola box and made little puppets out of them.
They were supposed to make an appearance at the puppet theatre (the box my sewing machine came in), but that never happend.
Maybe they will hang on our tree this year?
Anyway, I love paper dolls of any kind and this was a fun activity
for us to share together.
While we're on the subject of bunnies...This evening I finally got Cub to eat some solid veggies, as opposed to the liquid kind.
I steamed some baby carrots. When they were tender and drained, I threw them in a bowl with a big thud (?) of butter then drizzled them with maple syrup. I finished them with the tiniest pinch of ground ginger and WOW!
I think I maybe got to eat about four, if that many!


Felicia said...

Cute bunny paper doll :)

MySweetThree said...

"Max and Ruby...Ruby and Max" Of, but I, myself, live in Kidville too! I love that show..the sweet music..funny hanppenings..So very cute. I can't wait to get our printer up and running again (it's packed away, sniff) I didn't even know that you could download that! That will be a fun craft!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I LOVE Max & Ruby! I'll have to download those paper dolls for my 4-year old.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & finally saying hi!!