Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I always get a little anxious before a family get
together. But it was all around sweet. The two hours traffic each way was a bit of a drag, but even that didn't take away from the goodness.
My Aunt Kathy spent a lot of time decorating the table at Grandma's, so I took some pictures because it was so pretty.

We had the typical Italian Thanksgiving. That means we had a huge platter of homemade lasagna and salad before the traditional turkey dinner. Ugh. Yes, it is a lot of food, I know...But so good. This year my cousin Michael took over making the lasagna. He's only 22 and he made my Grandma so proud!
After dinner, Cub entertained us with some tunes!
Today, all of the driving and eating caught up with me. We took it easy, only leaving the house
for lunch at the local diner on the park and then some thrifting next door.
The rest of the day, Cub played with her daddy while I napped off and on...Oh, what
a luxury that is! Thanks, Joe -those naps were a rare treat, indeed.
In between naps, I did some crafting.
These are the first of the little WIPs I started today. I plan on finishing them this evening. I also started experimenting with some felt houses later on in the day.
If all goes as planned, I'll post with some finish products tomorrow.
But maybe I'll just end up watching a movie and going to bed early.
...Still tired. Wish I had something more exciting to say!


Jojo said...

The table looked like the table of a harvest feast! Your post made me chuckle. Several years ago when my younger sister was living in D.C. we traveled to spend the holiday with her. She invited a couple of her friends who weren't going home to be with family to come join us. To plan the menu we set up a conference call and Theresa, her friend, was on the line. I said that I would bring desserts as they would travel well, my sister said she would make the turkey and dressing. Then Theresa said, "I'll bring the lasagne." We just busted out laughing as we had never heard of such a thing. Of course it was then explained to us that it was part of every Italian Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks for reminding me of the funny memory!

MySweetThree said...

Cyndy..I immediately burst into tears when I saw the picture of the table..It is almost an exact replica to my Nana's holiday table. From the chandelier to the actually table/chairs to the curtains..We used to have every Christmas Eve at that table, at my Nana's house in Ct...with the traditional italian 7 course feast, lol! Obviously, we don't have those anymore..everyone lives too far away from eachother, with families of their own now..Aw, now I am crying again...Can you tell I am a big ball of emotion today? We are leaving in the morning, and I feel very overwhelmed...But, that tablescape just hit a nerve..and I feel a bit homesick, I think. Especially with this turmoil, I am feeling a bit without a home at the moment. I think I need to unplug..and sit on the floor with the girls..where we are eating cereal. (we are buying a new table in Texas, got rid of our old one) on the floor it is...I am so glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving..((hugs))