Sunday, November 9, 2008


To make a long story short, so much about me changed after my daughter was born.
Actually, the change started while I was pregnant. One of the most interesting
changes that I noticed had to do with my personal color palette.
Maybe it had to do with being a teen in the eighties, but I was always partial to black. Lots of black. Up until Cub's conception, most of my clothes were black. I was not really a "color" person. I noticed when I was a few months pregnant, I went sneaker shopping and ended up with a pair of bright blue Saucony sneakers with light pink trim. What?
I did think it was a little odd at the time.
I finally chalked it up to "the baby," when I left Macy's later that spring with a bright pastel colored Le Sportsac! Uh...very strange.
And so now I live for colors; just one of the many gifts
she has given me.
On that note, today was a colorful day!
Our sweet neighbor came up to play in the morning. After Cub had enough of him and retired to her room for reading time with Grandpa, F. and I sat down and colored together. He always goes for the art supplies when he comes over. He likes to talk about how Cub's daddy is an artist. Very cute.
Daddy brought this book back for from his camping trip in Acadia National Park recently.

Before our joint coloring session, I was sitting at the table, drinking coffee and working on a felt flower brooch from this lovely little tutorial. He was pretty interested in what I was doing, too.
He asked questions while watching and even made some suggestions.
I topped this off with another little vintage button. These are really sweet and fun to make. So many different combos and looks are possible. I can't wait to pin this one on to that blah-blue cardigan I almost gave away last year.
Next, I'm going to make a mini flower brooch for her sweaters.

And to top off our day in color...Ta-Dah! My Naked Funfetti Layer Cake!
Yes, it's of the boxed variety, but I'm gonna totally make up for it with
a REAL old-fashioned buttercream.

We just couldn't wait that long.
Now off I go to frost this cake.

Have a great week everyone.

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