Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Day

Cub was sick all night long. It was like having a direct flashback when she was an infant with insane colic. She woke-up (literally) every hour on the half last night to throw-up. My heart was breaking for her, but I was just so exhausted. Ugh. It was a nightmare, to say the least. She woke much earlier than usual, of course, and was just so unhappy. The day progressively got better, with a very early morning visit from her
Daddy before work. I ran out in pj's under a long down coat to go get Gatorade, ginger-ale, and bread for toasting.
I don't know how I got into this, but at some point, I think due to exhaustion overload, and
just trying to keep myself balanced, I reached for that lovely Harry and David
holiday catologue and began cutting all kinds of holiday looking yumminess.

It was fun! I love my teeny pair of super sharp scissors. They are my favorite crafty tool! Am I the only person who finds cutting up paper meditative, or am I just odd?
I then glued them all to the back of some of my cardboard box collection. I used cake mix boxes because I thought they "matched" nicely with the holiday theme. I used Tacky Glue which I have been loving these days, but glue stick was a neater, more effective adhesive. I always forget how great glue stick is. They are all over our house, too. (Cub's a fan!)
I should have taken a photo of the backs, too. They came out cute, no? Here are just a few. I have a ton now, as I did this for hours today, barely noticing the time. Cub lazed in front of the tv and dozed off and on, so this was easy for me to do.
This little batch received a dusting of glitter. Next, I will insert grommets and tie a pretty ribbon through some. They will make for some simple ornaments for our tree. I will also mail some inside holiday cards for friends and family.
Most of them, I will thread with rustic twine-to become tags for pretty packages.
I bought a fancy metallic pens to write each person's name.
This was the perfect little craft project for this kind of day. Thanks, Harry and David! I think now that I used their catalogue for my own selfish purposes, it's only fair to order this as a gift for my dear Grandparents.

And since we spent all day indoors, I figured I'd whip up a little something for her to enjoy when she is feeling better in the near future... Homemade Applesauce, her favorite, made in the slow-cooker.
The aroma was so pleasant and comforting.
I used this lovely lady's recipe. Boy, where has she been all of my life?
I sent her an email today telling her she was my hero!
I have a personal attachment to my crock-pot, which came into my life right after I had my daughter-- out of necessity as well as novelty. I grew-up in the '70's and my Aunt Dorothy was a crockpot queen.
She made a killer potroast that I still crave in the colder months.
Anyway, I appreciate Stephanie's approach to this style of cooking. Her recipes are practical without being boring, and are straightforward and easy to follow. And there is evey kind of dish you could imagine cooking up in a crockpot. There is even a great recipe for making holiday candles, which I think I have to make soon.

We didn't get out to say goodbye to the farmer's. Today was the last day of the market until spring. Boo,hoo! We didn't get to attend the local cultural holiday fair, either.
But all in all, it was the first stay at home we've had in a long time.
It was a blessing and it was a good day.

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MySweetThree said...

I hope Cub is feeling better...I am such a gingerale-aholic when I am sick...I literally go through 3 liters in a day, it feels so good on the throat and stomach.. I am right there with you...I love using my scissors, although I must say, I am in need of new ones..but, everything is waiting until after the move. I don't want to buy anything else, even a single tea bag, I don't want to pack not one extra thing!