Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Plans of Mice and Men...

My Sweet Friends,

It is Sunday afternoon. I am writing from the far reaches of the local "hippie internet cafe," as my friends call it. I feel like it has been ages since I last touched hand to computer key...But it's only been three days. Oh, yes...I am truly addicted. Now I know for sure.

Anyway, I returned home from work on Friday night to find my "triple play," (internet, cable tv, phone...all digi) had become a "triple threat," and died on on us sometime earlier that afternoon.
My knee-jerk reaction was to flip-out, lose it on the innocent customer service rep over at Time Warner...But, I took a deep breath and realized that there may be something to this business of being unplugged for a few days. The earliest they can send someone is Monday evening...Breathe...Lots of late-night reading and movie watching. Always nice.'s been a good weekend,though not exactly as I had originally planned. That's what I get for planning ahead!! Friends, lots of shopping, cooking, chores, a dinner party at the neighbors--all filed our weekend with loveliness...When we return home I have some baking planned- Peanut-Butter Jelly Bars, Eggnog Pudding, and possibly a "fake" Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. Mmm. And I am just loving this overcast, chilly weather.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

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MySweetThree said...

Aw!! No!! You better have gotten that internet fixed today! I was wondering about you...Obviously noticed we were missing some days of posting! =)
But...wasn't it so nice to be without the computer? I honestly think I am going to designate some computer-free days into my schedule post-move...I think it will do me good. I think that "not always being connected" will be a good thing.
Eggnog pudding sounds so yummy..Please post the recipe, please! My Mom always made eggnog for me and my brothers...we each would pick our own food coloring to "customize" our own nog...ha ha, that's a good memory. But, Eggnog pudding, I have never have! We had a great weekend. The second to the last before we move, Cyndy! Oh my! Allison has been getting into our bed EVERY night for the last 3 weeks..her little heart is getting so anxious about this move...I hope it is not as tough as I fear..... Have a great week!