Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Super Scrumptious Day and Super Long Post!

You know when you just have one of those unplanned perfect days...totally unorchestrated, but one activity just segues into the next in the most harmonious of ways? What you have is
a beautiful symphony of a day, one that you never want to end. I think the weather has a lot to do with it, for me. I just love dark, damp, days in autumn. They are the epitome of "romantic" to me. (That was just one of the many reasons I loved living in pdx.)
Yeah. So Cub had her very first dentist appointment early this morning.
Tell me this photo isn't a complete hoot. Who's she tryin' to kid? "Yeah, I'm Joe Cool. I'm not worried or anxious at all...Nah, not me." (Yeah, right.)

She was a champ in that chair. Not at all like her mama! But we found out she has two cavities. Blah. The dentist looked at me like I had three heads when I refused the flouride treatments. We debated a little bit back and forth before she gave up. Ah, whatever. I no longer let the medical profession get to me. Yeah, I'm a freak. Deal with it.
Today was the first day of the official holiday fair season. Yup. This is my thing. Poor Cub gets dragged around to at least two per weekend until all the hooplah is over and Mama has all her shopping completed. Today was the first and BEST one. I do so well at the St. Nicholas Fair and it's right here in my 'hood, too. This is our third year in a row. I clean up there. Seriously. And we have a blast.
Looking up!
Best part there is the most awesome craft table for the kids. So smart, really. While parents shop, kids get to create and play. This year they had a gazillion yummy supplies. It was all I could do to keep from jumping in there myself. But I had serious work to do.
Here is just some of what my girl crafted while I went into a frenzy over in "Grandma's Attic."
No, kidding aside...I was so proud of my little one. She made about six things. One after the other and she was so focused and into all of it.
She is a natural born crafter. That's my Girl!

Okay, I really wanted to take all these pretty little photos of the booty. I wanted to organize it all into little sections 'cause I'm just so proud! Hee,hee...I pretty much tackled all of those people who are so hard to shop for, which was nice. Here is some of the hall:

Those cigar boxes are from Cuba. Yes. The tray up front from Paris. Two tin heart pans, those mugs are very cool, both from Japan, tons of handmade ornaments but you can't see 'em properly cuz I'm too impatient to do it right, a morroccan style ashtray of sorts, two stain glass decorations - one is a unicorn, an apple tree trivet from the 70's, lots of vintage jewelry and pins, a yogurt recipe book from the 80's, Beatrix Potter collectable ornaments, two vintage double frames, and a mini nativity set for us, because I've always wanted one. All this for less than $20.00!!!

Then, the show-stopper. I saw these glasses and I swear everything started moving in slow motion as I discovered there were three. How cool are these?

That's Tom Sawyer on the far right in red. The woman told me these are seriously collectible and practically gave them to me for free. I'm sorry I'm gloating. But I'm just so excited about all of this and I know most of you understand. My friends and family do not get this at all. I promise I won't do this again for the rest of the season!
And the best part of the day...We finally made it back to this lovely place for 5:00 service.

Since I was a child I have always loved evening mass. To me, it is more low-key and peaceful; more meditative. Cub protested tonight. She was exhausted. It was embarrassing, she slept curled up on a chapel chair during most of mass. Her heavy breathing was heard by all.
Turns out after the service there was a spaghetti dinner. Yay! So much for my split-pea soup simmering away at home in the slow-cooker! We went down into the beautifully haunting and cavernous lower level for the most delicious supper. It smelled just like my grandma's and tasted (almost) as good. Great food and great company.
Cub was too tired to stay for the live music, but we still had such a nice time.
I enjoyed the drive out of St. George, down Richmond Terrace along the waterfront, and back into our neighborhood tonight.
The lights shining out of the houses and reflecting from the dark water
made me feel like we were home.


J for Jendetta said...

so beautiful!! where is this fair??? i want to go!!! i love those glasses so much and that little girl is so special!! love.

MySweetThree said...

What an amazing day!! Sorry to cub for the cavities...Allison's little friend has 5..He has to go to the hospital where they will put him under, his are pretty severe! Back to your post...I miss evening mass..there is something to be said for church after the sun goes down...I remember midnight mass on Christmas Eve too, what a memory. And cub falling asleep during church...I think that is every childs right, hee hee!
and What absolutely amazing finds..I am so glad your shared them! You are spoiling me with your daily posts!! I love them!!